Through loud whispers and gentle shouts, Illvi Mist’s mature and vulnerable voice magnifies the little things while painting the details of the big picture. Portraying her journey through the dark corners of her life, the Swedish singer weaves together experiences of love, betrayal, violence and strength, using her intimate words to paint

the listener a picture of hope.

Inspired by acts such as Kate Bush, London Grammar, Beth Hart and Lana Del Ray, she is now ready to cast her vocal spell on you. And once the sound of Emilie catches your ear, her voice will keep lurking in the in the back of your mind, lingering on the tip of your tongue.


After her first international break with the debut single ”Magnifying Us”, featured in the Canadian-American TV series Wynonna Earp on Netflix, Swedish artist Illvi Mist now follows up with her new single ”The Bad Ones” – a beautiful piece of Swedish Pop Noir.





Felix Linéau is a producer, artist & DJ based in Stockholm, Sweden.

He’s very open-minded about breaking boundaries within genres to create music that sounds unique. It comes from the great variety of musicians that inspire him, such as Philip Glass, Jean Michel Jarre, M83 and Outkast to name a few.


When it comes to creating music, Felix is a perfectionist; especially when it comes to sonic character, creating the right sounds is absolutely vital to bringing life and emotion into his music.


Swedish artist Tsundere took the art of debuting his first single "In Reverse" to another level by premiering it via Netflix' series Shadowhunters. Now, I (the writer...yes, there are humans working behind this site) lost Netflix a few months ago after my old college buddy decided to cancel his account to go on a 'media detox/ But listening to "In Reverse" sort of gives me an idea of what type of scene this soundtrack would fit. It's semi-acoustic tune where the emotional substance of the song comes from Tsundere's vocal prowess. If you need a superhero-level motivation, this is it.